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Abad Andish Consultant Engineering Company was founded in 1381(2002) and in 1382(2003) started its activities by obtaining a rank from the Management and Planning Organization in designing residential, administrative, commercial buildings and city services using experienced staff. In just a short period of time the company has gained a great experience in conducting structural and supervision consulting services inside the country and abroad. The number of the services reach near to 100 projects with an area equal to 1,500,000 m2. Currently this consultant company has obtained the 1st grade in residential, industrial, commercial and military buildings and 3rd grade in educational, sports and hospital buildings from the Management and Planning Organization and obtaining the 1st grade of legal engineering employment license from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development. In this regard the company has applied for a 3rd grade in urban development and capability of worn-out urban textures due to its technical personnel and experienced staff. Additionally the company received ISO 9001-2008 international qualification standard in 1389(2010) and currently has ISO 9001-5015 standard.     

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